All Your Tiny Needs In 5+ Useful Sites With One Single Membership

With your membership to Tiny House Network, you'll be able to learn, build, buy, hire, rent, sell, AND live a tiny lifestyle.

Our mascot "Momo" uses her super powers of simplicity to help you achieve more with less!

What is Tiny House Network?

Tiny House Network is host to many different sites to help you along your tiny journey. Below are a few of the services we offer.


Our expansive directory covers a wide array of listings including certified builders, parking locations for rent or sale, tiny houses that are move-in ready, plus more!


Our charity, called A Tiny Change, is designed to support those that have fallen on hard times.

From homeless villages to senior tiny house communities to transitional housing for women and children, we’re here to lend a helping hand using tiny houses.


Our vast community brings together people from all walks of life with one common goal: simplicity.

With a like-minded community, it’s easier to find success and get through the trials that life sometimes throws at each of us.

Our Values & Beliefs

we stand for and believe in many different things but overall we strive for simplicity


We believe that our lives should be simple – both online and offline.

This is why we strive to bring you everything we can with an all-inclusive network of amazing resources. Everything is there for you.

The best part? All you need is a single membership to access it all.

Does it get more simple than this?


We feel that self-reliance is a lost art of life in today’s modern world.

Our efforts are to provide resources that encourage self-reliance through online courses, coaching services, articles, and guides.

We believe that self-reliance leads to a more sustainable lifestyle.


Sustainability is the one true way we can all work together in protecting the only planet we can live on.

Although sustainability comes in many various lifestyle choices, we strive to give you the details so you can improve the way you live each and every day.

you're invited!

to join our family and live the tiny lifestyle

Tiny Dreamer

Become a part of the movement by start your journey and joining our family of tiny life enthusiasts.
FREE forever
  • Ad-free Reading Experience
    Our network uses ads to support our efforts. As a member, you'll get to enjoy every site in the network without ads interrupting you.
  • Create Classified Ads
    Buy or sell tiny house products, find parking, and more in our Classified Ads.
  • Add Directory Listings
    Add your business or community to the directory and allow others to find you easily and securely, without revealing personal details.
  • Sell or Rent Your Tiny House
    Upsizing or downsizing your tiny? Sell or rent out your tiny house in our directory.
  • Add Your Events to Our Calendar
    Our calendar is host to tiny house events of all kinds - from workshops to festivals to virtual simmits. Members are given exclusive discounts to events hosted by Tiny House Network.
  • Full Tiny House Network Access
    Your account can travel anywhere in our network. Login to your account and receive the benefits of membership instantly.

Tiny Supporter

Become a part of the movement by start your journey and joining our family of tiny life enthusiasts.
$ 4
per month
  • Everything in Tiny Dreamer
    Enjoy all of the perks of the Tiny Dreamer membership with extra benefits.
  • Proceeds Support Our Mission
    All proceeds are used to support our mission of simplicity and bring you new features every month and fresh content daily.
  • Exclusive Deals in Tiny Life Shop
    Members receive a coupon to use every month on purchases made in Tiny Life Shop plus early access to all holiday sales.
  • Early Access to Online Courses
    (Coming Soon) Tiny Life University will provide members with various online courses including financial planning lessons (such as budgeting, saving for goals, and paying off debt). Members receive early access to all new courses and never pay extra for access.

Tiny Sponsor

Become a part of the movement by start your journey and joining our family of tiny life enthusiasts.
$ 27
now, then $14.99/mo
  • Everything in Tiny Supporter
    Enjoy all of the perks of the Tiny Supporter membership with extra benefits.
  • Portion of Proceeds Donated
    We donate $15 to A Tiny Change charity to assist those in need. Plus $5 of your monthly payment is also donated.
  • Free Tiny Life Events All-Access Pass
    Members receive All-Access passes to all events hosted by Tiny House Network or any partners. All-Access passes give you behind-the-scenes access, including meetups with keynote speakers, special merchandise, and more.
  • Personal Coach to Guide You
    Access to our coaches to ask unlimited questions to help you set realistic goals, stay accountable, and encourage you to push through rough patches.
  • Featured in our Sponsor Hall of Fame
    Your first name and profile picture will be proudly displayed in our Sponsor Hall of Fame to show everyone of your amazing support for the network and our partners. (This setting can be turned off at any time.)

“I felt so alone in the world, all by myself. And then, I’m at this place where there’s so much love and connection. And all these people actually doing what I was scared to even believe I could do.”

Not sure which is right for you?

Our mascot, momo, is here to help!

Tiny Dreamer

Momo says:

Choose this one if you:

Tiny Supporter

Momo says:

Choose this one if you:

Tiny Sponsor

Momo says:

Choose this one if you:


Find Answers to Common questions

Can I upgrade/downgrade my subscription later?

Yes. We encourage you to choose the right plan for your life right now, and upgrade or downgrade as appropriate.

If you aren’t sure which subscription is right for you at this time, we’ll be glad to help you out.

Which sites are a part of Tiny House Network?

Currently, the Tiny House Network is host to these sites which are covered in your membership:

  • A Tiny Change
  • Tiny Directory
  • Tiny House Community
  • Tiny House Network
  • Tiny Life Coaching (Coming Early 2021)
  • Tiny Life Shop
  • Tiny Life Summit (Coming 2022)
  • Tiny Life University (Coming Early 2021)

Learn more about these sites in our network partners directory.

Is my data secured? (Plus where is it stored?)

Your personal data (name, email, address) is stored on our secure servers using a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate verified by PositiveSSL.

Your payments are process via Stripe’s secure servers and are never stored with us as an extra layer of security.

Do you share my data with 3rd parties?

According to our Privacy Policy, your data is never shared outside of our company. We may use other platforms to send you information (such as an email service provider to send you emails) but your information is never sold, rented, or shared to outside parties.

We value and respect your privacy.