Tiny House Community is a global resource center and online community for tiny house lovers. If it has to do with tiny houses, we have the answers you’re looking for. If not, then we’re probably developing a way to deliver quality, accurate content to you right now!

In 2010, Tiny House Community was founded to help enthusiasts find resources needed to help them learn, build, park, and live the tiny house dream.

We already have many helpful articles and guides to get you started. Some of the top articles we have for beginners are:

Since then we’ve developed into an amazing online resource for people all over the world. To fulfill the ever-growing need of easy-access resources, we are developing several specific areas that fill needs in very specific parts of your tiny house journey. Such as…

Tiny House Academy

Tiny House Academy will be launching soon. Tiny House Academy (THA) is what you could guess: a program that focuses on getting you through your tiny house journey. Not just the tiny house process itself, but making big decisions beforehand. Some of the courses will include:

  • Becoming financially independent
  • Learning self-reliance
  • Mindset shift to intentional living
  • In-depth guidance on building or buying
  • In-depth guidance on trailer or foundation
  • Learning how to ask yourself the right questions to make the best decision for yourself (and your family)

The academy enrollment will open soon!

A Tiny Change

A Tiny Change is our housing assistance program. We are working to develop a solid foundation that builds tiny house villages for homeless, low-income, and disaster victims. This resource will be the biggest one we’ve ever done.

If this is something you’d like to support, fill out this quick form to join the team.

Tiny House Parking

Tiny House Parking is another site of our network. In fact, if you create an account with us, it automatically includes this site, too! Tiny House Parking is a great place to find legal parking for your tiny house. Some communities offer rental spaces, while some are looking to collaborate with builders on creating homes on foundations.

If you’re trying to find a great place to park before you get into a tiny, this is it! [View Site Here]

Overall, Tiny House Community has you covered! If there is something you can’t find information on, we’d love to help you out. Just send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!